About Vidur Bharadwaj

Vidur Bharadwaj: Man of Actions

Vidur Bharadwaj is one of the most eminent green sustainable developer and one of few Indians who had introduced Green Sustainable techniques and tricks in Delhi-NCR real estate in particular and India in general. Mr. Bharadwaj has been part of many platinum rated and gold rated LEED-certified buildings in India. Vidur Bharadwaj has worked relentlessly with his adroit team members to reach this milestone and earn respect from all segments of the population across the nation and globe. His full-blooded effort to reuse resources with the help of modern techniques and innovations has set an example in Green Sustainable Development. He has shared expert ideas and advice about how to use technology to construct or build structures that are robust, environment friendly, and everlasting. Mr. Bharadwaj, known for architectural acumen, has designed Patni Campus, Noida, this structure is one of the most energy-efficient structures in Noida. Wipro campus, Gurgaon is also known for his master craftsmanship, was termed as Real Estate Industry's most energy-saving building. He has delivered the three ‘Platinum and four Gold rated LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Green Buildings under the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) shows his strong vision and great determination to mark India footprints on the Global map in terms of Green Sustainable Developments.

Vidur Bharadwaj believes if we talk about barrels of oil then we should also take into consideration about a barrel of water. Because sooner or later oil will be depleted and we will rely on alternative sources of energy but we can not replace water. It is an integral part of our life without which we can not survive. hence the need for sustainable development will be unavoidable in near future.