Welcome To The Vidur Bharadwaj World Of Sustainable Green Architecture

Vidur Bharadwaj, 3C Director is a born leader and a pro architect with an immense passion for green architecture design and his 3C company has completed a significant number of LEED projects in Delhi-NCR. Vidur Bharadwaj embraces the need for manageable advancement in India and he has given his absolute best to build his authority in the world of the Green Architecture industry. As an excellent engineer, he has done a great amount of work in economical green designing in Delhi-NCR with a Noida-based land firm.

He wants to work for the prosperity of nature that's why he entered the space of supportable advancement in the mid-1990s. In the Indian real estate industry, he is recognised as “The Green Man”. He has introduced Green sustainable development to the Indian real estate industry by designing and developing one of the world largest LEED Certified Green Building, Wipro Technologies and Gurgaon.

Vidur Bharadwaj 3C: Giving a new dimension to real estate construction

Taking all together with a new route to construction in the real estate industry, Vidur Bharadwaj 3c has designed some of the best real estate spaces in Delhi-NCR in the past 3 decades. From Architecture to Engineering, Project Management, Interior Designing, and so on, he mentors and steers all the departments in the company like an all-rounder. A born leader, a pillar for his co-workers and his passion to create world-class sustainable spaces in India has been acknowledged by many top leaders of the real estate industry.

Vidur Bharadwaj 3C is passionate about converting his philosophy into his creations. He believes that you need to align your values to achieve your financial goals. A person who truly leads from the front and is always ready to give more than 100% in his work.

The Green Visionary - Vidur Bharadwaj 3c

Vidur Bharadwaj is one such name that always comes into mind whenever we discuss Green Sustainable Design and Development in Delhi-NCR real estate industry. He has been the driving force for delivering green architecture in Delhi-NCR for the past 3 decades. His architectural brilliance and ingenious mindset have resulted in the creation of some of India's most beautiful green sustainable structures in various cities of India. 3C director Vidur Bharadwaj 3c has been part of various innovative and creative architectural projects which have set the highest benchmark for many other people and inspire them. The majority of the designs developed under his guidance successfully passed the International Criteria with the highest ratings.


Vidur Bharadwaj - A Person Who Make Great Things Happen

Vidur Bharadwaj is the name who defining the Green Architecture industry for years. The pioneer of green buildings in India, Director of 3C, he is the designer of the Patni campus in Noida, Wipro campus in Gurgaon, and The Four Seasons Hotel in Noida which are perfect examples of energy-efficient structures and effective designing. Over the years, efficient energy usage has become an increasingly important issue throughout the world given the problem of global warming. There is currently a push for everyone to turn toward energy-efficient products and design including commercial buildings and safeguard our natural environment and natural resources.

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj and his team consume modern technology & infrastructure into the structures they create. The team has designed some of the best real estate spaces in Delhi-NCR. From Architecture to Engineering, Project Management, Interior Designing, and so on, he mentors and steers all the departments in the company like an all-rounder. He is a born manager and creates that perfect working environment for his co-workers. These Unique qualities truly make him the best architect in India.

Vidur Bharadwaj has exhibited some of his paintings at Delhi’s Habitat Centre. This transition from architect to painter comes easy & natural to him. Vidur Bharadwaj 3C is passionate about converting his philosophy into his creations. He attaches great significance to deep values in life. He believes that you need to align your values to achieve your financial goals. That is the Vision of the Director of 3C, Vidur Bharadwaj who is a person who truly leads from the front and gives his best always for his company.


Architect Vidur Bharadwaj

One of the most inspiring people in the field of Green Sustainable Design & Architecture, Mr. Bharadwaj has proven time and again that conservative thinking, positive use of technology and innovations, and relentless hard work can provide amazing results and help us in shaping this world into a better place to live on for all living beings. A green-lover, one will find the essence of Green Technology and environment-care approach in any or every work of his, he has been batting for use of Green Sustainable resources for more than three decades, and for his masterly skills and technical designing, he has received applause from all corners of the world. He is the man who has the idea of green building in the early 90's in India. He has delivered a few of the world's most renowned Sustainable Green commercial and residential architectures. His green architectural acumen has won applauds from various sectors and his organization has won various prestigious awards. As an architect, he is the only Indian to deliver Gold and Platinum rated structures in India.

Green-boulevard by Vidur Bharadwaj,

Green Boulevard

Green Boulevard is the World's Largest Platinum rated LEED certified Green Building from USGBC .

The Patni Campus

Patni Campus is Second Largest Platinum rated LEED Certified Green Building by the IGBC

wipro campus by Vidur Bharadwaj,


Wipro Campus, Gurgaon is a Platinum Rated LEED certified Green Building by IGBC

Spectral Services by Vidur Bharadwaj,

Spectral Services

Spectral Services, Hyderabad is a Gold Rated LEED certified project.

"Sustainability in real estate is the need of the hour." - Vidur Bharadwaj

With globalization knocking on the door and the rapid increase in population, there have been new developments that are bound to happen around the world. There are new inventions, new industries, and new infrastructure being developed across the globe that may satisfy the needs of global citizens. But amid all these advancements and achievements, the major sufferer has been Mother Earth. We are leaving behind large footprints that are slowly but gradually harming nature, disturbing the ecological balance and ultimately destroying planet Earth.

The real estate industry in India is one of the main contributors to this problem, rather we can say, this industry and the manufacturing industry are playing major roles in destroying the balance of Nature. But as we have been hearing this over the years ‘every problem has a solution, few experts and architects in Indian real estate take this problem as a challenge and started hunting for solutions. One such personality who has played a very significant role in overcoming these problems with the best solutions is The 3C Director and pro architect, Vidur Bharadwaj. Mr. Bharadwaj's relentless effort and eagerness to explore each corner of the problem and has come out with world-class solutions.

His architectural acumen has resulted in the development of a few of the finest green architecture in India's Real Estate History. He believes that sustainability is the future of the global real estate industry.

Green Sustainable Development in Real estate has come out of its own niche in the last few decades, and those that have adopted the trend are already reaping the rewards for their initiative, hard work and futuristic approach. One of the finest sustainable architects and directors of The 3C, a Noida-based real estate company, Vidur Bharadwaj has adopted the methodology of Green Sustainable Development in almost all the projects he has been part of in the most phenomenal way. In fact, the commercial workspaces designed by Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj have received accolades not only from India but globally. His projects include LEED Certified Gold Rated and Platinum rated architectures.

While designing any structure, Vidur Bharadwaj consider sustainability, energy reduction and green real estate development as the most important parts of his work. He is a firm believer that the natural environment, economy, health and productivity are integral parts of designing any new architecture.

Sustainable construction is not only about designing and building architecture with a focus on low environmental impact; it is a new approach in the Indian real estate industry that betters people's living and building.

As per Vidur Bharadwaj, there are few bullet points that outlines the advantages of going sustainable in real estate.

  • How the design is benefitting Nature?

  • How does the inclusion of sustainable design is benefitting the builder, developer and end-users Financially?

  • How we are able to reduce the use of water, power and electricity?

If the building have answers to above queries, one can consider it as part of Green Sustainable Development.

Vidur Bharadwaj-The King of Green Architecture

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj, one of the most Influential people in the field of Green Architecture and design has completely transformed the world of sustainable green commercial and residential architectures.

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj has showcase his immense skills, experience, creativity and hard work to the Green Architecture industry. He has received recognition from all parts of the world for his unbelievable achievements and contributions for green technology. He is the face of Green building in the early 90's in India. He has produced some of the world's most innovative Sustainable Green commercial and residential architectures. As a successful architect, he is the one and only Indian to fulfill the needs of Gold and Platinum rated structures in India.

The Journey Of Struggle To Domination

Some problems like globalization, rapid increase in population and unprogressive technologies makes our country undeveloped in early 90's and harms our environment and makes our ecological system imbalanced. But with time, there is development of new technologies, new infrastructure with high level of creativity and quality especially in the field of Green Architecture.

Real estate manufacturing industries are the main source of problems for destroying the ecological system of the world.

There is a solution for every problem and there are some people who can overcome this problem and one of those Impactful personalities is the 3C Director and Pro architect Vidur Bharadwaj who take up this challenge and very steadily and effectively negotiating all the problems and started to transform the field of Green Architecture day by day. He has completely changed the face of Green Architecture industry with his consistent hard work, determination and dedication towards his work.

He has turned out to be one of the finest in the Green Architecture industry and his contributions are magnificent for the development of one of the best Green Architecture industry in the history of real estate in India. He always believes that the promising future of the global real estate industry has to be sustainability.

This successful campaign of Green Architecture under the directior of the 3C, a Noida based company Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj has developed a key factor which is Sustainable development to almost all his projects. His projects include LEED certified gold rated and Platinum rated architectures has got a significant recognition globally.

While constructing or designing any structure, Sustainability, Energy Reduction and green real estate developement are some of the most essential things for Vidur Bharadwaj, the Pro architect. He always believes that our natural environment, economy, health, productivity and consistency are most important factors for designing any incredible architecture.

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj always have clarity that what it takes to make your green sustainable development successful and uplift your green architecture industry.

He knows that how your designs can helps in benefit our natural environment and how your sustainable design helps the builders, developers as he knows how to tackle a these questions by doing proper planning and spot on execution has done the trick for designing in green architecture.

Now Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj, director of 3C is the one and only architect in the world to have designed 3 Platinum and 4 Gold rated LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Green Buildings under the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) umbrella. he was felicitated in 2005 by the legend himself Ex- Honorable President of India - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for developing the most largest Environment Friendly Platinum rated LEED certified green building in the world for Wipro Technologies, Gurgaon.

Vidur Bharadwaj has a team incredible that brings together three successful professionals from the field of design and development. Led by Vidur Bharadwaj, Surpreet Suri and Nirmal Singh, the team has progressed to become the most evolved environment friendly creation in Delhi-NCR. The 3C Company is the founder member of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) with Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj as the Chairman. He is also the Advisor for Hong Kong Development Group on “Sustainable Architecture in Urban Cities”. He won the prestigious recognition for Green Developer of the Year during the Estate Award 2010, 3C has already delivered, more than 14 million square feet of niche developments and is currently developing an area of about 33 Million Sq. Ft. .

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj, Pro architect has achieved such a Magnificent numbers in this short period of time and is still giving valuable contributions to the field of Green Architecture and he is the ultimate legend himself and continue to inspire everyone.

The valuable contributions of Pro Architect Vidur Bharadwaj in India's journey in Green Sustainable Development

3C Director Vidur Bharadwaj is only a few to achieve these milestones like designing the largest Platinum Rated Green Building in Asia, Wipro Technologies is based in Gurgaon and was further honored LEED Platinum award with 57 points. As a result, this is the highest platinum-rated green building in Asia and the largest platinum-rated and second-highest green building in the world. The inverted cone is the main highlight of the design.